Unplanned Pregnancy Takes a Village….and We’ve Got One.

Jasmine just found out she’s pregnant. Maybe somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this might happen. But not now. Not with…everything else going on….

  • She has a toddler at home already. He is her whole world. How can she even think about another baby?
  • She’s barely making enough money to make ends meet. Think of all those expenses: diapers, clothes, child care. 
  • She really should get a better job. If only she had access to job training and opportunities.
  • Things with the baby’s father aren’t the best right now. Or ever.
  • Then there’s always “drama” with her family…and just, well…it’s overwhelming.

How can a pregnancy center help with all of this? Aren’t they just concerned about the baby?

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, or maybe just one that is unexpectedly difficult, it can feel insurmountable….it’s all just “too much.”

AbbaCare Pregnancy Resource Center, and other pregnancy centers like us across the country, are blessed to come alongside you to help….not just with the pregnancy, but to connect you with people who can help with ALL the other stuff that’s weighing on your mind.

Finances. Job searches. Medicaid. Medical and Dental Care. Help with domestic violence. Help with addiction. Legal assistance. Housing. Mental Health. 

How can we do all that? Well, the simple answer is….we’ve got a village. Pregnancy Centers like AbbaCare are well connected to lots of other agencies and organizations in the community to help meet the many different needs or concerns you may have. Consider just a few of the folks we partner with in the Winchester, VA area:

Crisis/Emergency Services:

Northwestern Community Services

The Laurel Center

Concern Hotline

Educational/Job Training:

Virginia Career Works

NW Works

Financial Assistance


Salvation Army

Valley Assistance Network (United Way)



Highland Food Pantry

Hope Again Care Center

Legal Assistance

Blue Ridge Legal Services


Winchester Rescue Mission 

The Laurel Center

New Eve Home


Sinclair Health Clinic

LFCC Free Dental Clinic

And many others! The list goes on and on, and we have a similar list of agencies in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area as well.

The first step is to give us a call. You can contact us here or by calling 540.665.9660 in Winchester or 304.726.6582 in Martinsburg. Come for a free, confidential pregnancy appointment. We can talk through all of your pregnancy options, and then connect you with the community assistance agencies you need to help you live your best life!

Not in our area? Click HERE to find a pregnancy center near you – they will very likely have similar community partners in your area. 

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