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At AbbaCare, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, 

and STD/STI testing and treatment 

are all free of charge.  


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What does my appointment include?

Your free pregnancy confirmation appointment includes lab-quality pregnancy testing by urine sample.  Whether your test results are positive or negative, your appointment includes a consultation with our nurse.  If you're scheduled for a free ultrasound appointment, you'll have the chance to talk privately with our nurse then, too.  Relax, and ask her any pregnancy or abortion-related questions you have...woman to woman.  Plan to be with us for 

about 1 hour.  


Why should I have an ultrasound if I'm considering abortion?

  No matter what choice you're considering, a confirmation ultrasound empowers you with important medical information about what's going on in your body. 

  • How far along am I?   Abortion procedures vary based on the gestational age of a fetus, so you should know how far along you are in your pregnancy. 
  • Is the pregnancy in my uterus?   An ectopic pregnancy (or tubal pregnancy) can pose a life-threatening risk to you. Because abortion procedures focus on emptying the uterus only, you need to be sure that your pregnancy is located in your uterus and not in your fallopian tubes. 
  • Is the pregnancy viable?   According to the Mayo Clinic, miscarriage rates can be as high as 20%. An ultrasound can tell you if your pregnancy is non-viable (no heartbeat) so you can seek further medical care and avoid an unneeded abortion procedure. 

At AbbaCare, your free ultrasound confirms all three of these important health factors.


Why should I choose Abbacare?

We know that your body and your sexual health are important to you.  They're important to us, too. For more than 30 years, we've been providing free services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, and we have a great reputation in our community. More than 60% of our new clients come to AbbaCare because a previous client, a friend, or a family member recommended us. Our center is comfortable, professional, and inviting. And because we never charge for any of our services, we never profit from any choice you make. 

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Concerned about an STD/STI?

Many STDs don't show symptoms for a long time.  AbbaCare offers free STD/STI testing and treatment for women and men.  We test for 7 STDs including HIV, and we treat for no charge.  Referrals are provided for infections we don't treat. 

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our promise to you

Part of our commitment to giving you the knowledge and information you need is letting you know that AbbaCare is not an abortion clinic and that we don't refer for or recommend abortion. Your appointment includes an opportunity to talk to the nurse confidentially about any pregnancy decision or abortion procedure.  She can explain exactly how each procedure works and affects your body.  And because we never charge for our services, we never profit from any choice you make.

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