Recovery After Abortion

Did you know that 1 in 4 women will have had an abortion by age 45? (FOTF Advocacy Team, 2021) This statistic also reflects the partners of women who obtain abortions. There is a broad range of emotions that emerge after having an abortion. Many women and men feel guilt, regret, shame, sorrow, and anger after an abortion experience, regardless of the reason they pursued one in the past.  

For women and men who suffer from a past abortion, the process of healing is essential to embracing a new beginning full of hope and possibility. Unresolved emotional trauma may cause many men and women to head down a path of further turmoil and distress. Following a terminated pregnancy, many women develop depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems (Sullins, 2019). Talking about one’s abortion experience in a safe, non-judgmental environment can allow time to reflect and space for healing and growth. 

Starting the conversation can be frightening, but women are available to sit down with other women, and men, to help them navigate the path to healing. These women have lived through their own abortion stories and have received a newfound confidence to empower others to live a life outside of the oppressing shadows of abortion and enter into the light of a bright present and future. 

AbbaCare offers a free and confidential program, PACE, that is available for women and men who are seeking healing after an abortion. Participants are given an opportunity to explore and process through the emotions they are struggling with from a past abortion experience. 

Reach out to for information on PACE or contact us at 540-665-9660.  To learn more about our free, confidential services, 

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