Pregnancy and COVID Vaccination

For many women, pregnancy can be a time of anxiety, confusion, and often doubt as to what is the best course of action for optimal health for both the woman herself and her unborn child. Add to that, the stress of being in the midst of a global pandemic and wondering whether it is safe to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, and those feelings may be greatly intensified. 

Research on the effect of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy is still ongoing, and other health factors apart from pregnancy may influence whether a person should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals should consult with a healthcare provider for vaccination advisement based on their own personal medical history. 

If you are pregnant and not sure what to do about the COVID vaccine, or even unsure whether you plan to carry the pregnancy to term, the first step is to have the pregnancy medically confirmed, and to determine the gestational age, viability, and location (intrauterine vs. ectopic) of the pregnancy. 

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