How to Confirm Pregnancy for Free

Eliana was starting to panic. She’d been “late” a few times before, but then her period would come – much to her great relief – right about the time she started to worry. But not this time. This time she was…what, two weeks late? Or more like three? Maybe she miscounted. Maybe she got confused about when her last one was. Still she knew something wasn’t right and she should probably take a pregnancy test. But how could she even purchase one? This town isn’t that big – someone might see her in line at the store. Plus she’s watching every dime she spends…how much does a reliable pregnancy test even cost?

Rebecca felt much the same way, except this wasn’t her first “rodeo.” She has two children at home and is now dreading the thought of being pregnant again. She took a home pregnancy test, and it showed a faint positive, but she knows from past experience she needs to get it medically confirmed. Also because her cycles have been so irregular since her last baby, she has no idea how far along she might be, and what her options are. A visit to her OB/GYN will cost a big chunk of her paycheck.

Fortunately, Eliana and Rebecca, and hundreds of thousands of other women like them, find a pregnancy resource center like AbbaCare. They are able to schedule a private, non-judgmental appointment for a medically-verified free pregnancy confirmation and then an ultrasound to determine how far along they are, as well as the viability and location (inside or outside the uterus) of the pregnancy. They can also hear what all their options are from a registered nurse who has no financial gain from their decision. And the best part is it’s all completely FREE of charge. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to confirm (or rule out) a positive pregnancy test, we are here to help. No pressure, no judgment, no cost. Call 540.665.9660 in Winchester, VA or 304.726.6582 in Martinsburg, WV. 

The first step is knowing. Call today. 

(Not in our area? Click here to find a pregnancy resource center near you.) 

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