How Can I Support My Pregnant Girlfriend?

Your girlfriend is pregnant and you have a million things going through your head. You might feel excited, terrified, or maybe both! Either way, you know you want to be supportive. But how? We’re so glad you asked!

First of all, if the pregnancy is unplanned, you and your girlfriend may not be sure what you want to do. Click here for a great article written just for guys about the three main pregnancy options: parenting, adoption, and abortion. 

If you and your girlfriend are planning to continue the pregnancy, your support of mom-to-be is crucial to her well-being moving forward. A woman who feels loved and cared for by her partner will experience a much healthier pregnancy, and the baby will be healthier overall. 

Here are a few ways you can offer your support:

Encourage and reassure her. Pregnancy can be physically taxing. In addition, her hormones are fluctuating and her moods may switch suddenly. Take time to educate yourself about all she is facing during her pregnancy ( is an excellent website) and be understanding. Also, be honest about your feelings, fears, or concerns. Stay positive. Assure her that the two of you can face anything and everything together.

Show an interest in the baby’s development. Be aware of the gestational milestones during each trimester of pregnancy. The baby’s heart is beating only 22 days after conception, which is often before the woman even knows she is pregnant. By 18 weeks, a baby can hear sounds, and that sensitivity to sound increases each week. By 26 weeks, the baby will respond to sounds it hears! If you speak to the baby in the womb regularly, he/she will recognize your voice at birth. How cool is that?!

Ask her what she needs from you, and then be willing to do those things.Perhaps she needs a nice foot rub or for you to do a bit more around the house. She might need you to go on ice cream runs! Your acts of service will mean so much to her. (By the way, those kind gestures shouldn’t end when the pregnancy does! 😉)

Show affection. Hold hands and give hugs. Some women may not be as interested in sex during pregnancy, so be understanding and initiate non-sexual touch.

Try to eat healthy foods, which can encourage her to eat well also, which is vital to her health and the baby’s.

Encourage her to take breaks and naps. Her body needs a lot more rest now. Be willing to give her extra time to replenish herself physically.

Take walks or do other non-strenuous activities together. This encourages her to get good exercise and is also, for her, quality time spent with you. 

Take advantage of community resources for expectant couples. Many organizations offer resources and services for families with financial need or other factors. For example, AbbaCare Pregnancy Resource Center offers free pregnancy testing, diagnostic ultrasounds, and pregnancy options education, as well as childbirth and parenting classes. Call 540.665.9660 in Winchester, VA or 304.726.6582 in Martinsburg, WV, or visit for more information. 

The time and attention that you invest into your girlfriend during her pregnancy is well worth it! You will both benefit as you strengthen and deepen your relationship, and that is a very good thing for the baby!

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