5 Tips for Better Sleep 

We’ve probably all experienced it at one time or another – tossing, turning, staring at the ceiling…except for when we peek back at our phone to see what time it is – wishing that we could just SLEEP.

According to Medical News Today, adequate sleep is essential to optimal health and overall well-being. So short of “counting sheep,” how can we get better sleep?

Here’s 5 tips for getting better sleep:

  1. Watch diet and eating schedule. The Mayo Clinicrecommends not going to to bed hungry, OR overly full. It’s best to avoid heavy meals within 2 hours of bedtime. It’s also best to avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol within a few hours of sleep. (Alcohol can make us feel sleepy initially, but it disrupts sleep patterns on the whole.)
  2. Create a cool, restful environment. “Many sleep experts agree that the ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees,” reads an article from Kaiser Permanente. “Your body temperature naturally lowers as you fall asleep, and a cooler room can help make that happen faster.”
  3. Soak in some sunshine during the day. Our bodies’ natural circadian rhythms are designed to help us sleep when it is dark, and be awake when it is light, so we can help encourage this process by getting plenty of sun during the day. If working or going to school where there is not a lot of natural light, it’s best to try to find times during the day to get outside for a walk or just to sit and soak in some of that great natural light. Source: Healthline.com.
  4. Get into a routine and stick with it. The Sleep Foundation says it’s best to establish a solid bedtime and wake-up time, but it may be necessary to adjust that gradually if the desired sleep schedule is dramatically different from current sleep habits. If we try to switch our sleep schedules too quickly, the result is usually napping during the day which is detrimental to good nighttime sleep.
  5. Get regular exercise, preferably early in the day. Many sources, including the American Cancer Society, mention the role of physical exercise in good sleep. Engaging in regular physical exercise, as approved by one’s doctor, generally leads to overall healthier living as well as helping us be a “good kind of tired” when we head to dreamland. 

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