free Pregnancy testing and ultrasounds in Martinsburg, WV

Pregnant? You are not alone. You have options.

AbbaCare provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds in a comfortable and welcoming medical facility right here in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Your appointment includes a private consultation with a nurse. Ask her anything about pregnancy, options, or abortion procedures. All AbbaCare's services are free, and we

never profit from any choice you make. Knowledge is power. If you or someone

you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, the first step is knowing all the options.

**Please note: Availability to be seen in Martinsburg has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but we are still here to serve you. Please reach out to us and let us discuss options for scheduling your appointment.**

Call 304.726.6582 or Click Here for your free, confidential appointment.

Unplanned pregnancy in Martinsburg, WV? We can help. Call for abortion information and counseling.

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