She's Not Alone. And Neither Are You!

  A baby might be in your future. You could be a dad! And who's ready for that? Believe it or not, nearly every man says, "I'm not ready to become a father."  You're not alone in being confused, overwhelmed, and maybe even afraid. She's probably feeling exactly the same way. AbbaCare is here for BOTH of you, to help you decide where to go from here.

What Not To Do:

Don’t run and hide.  You have responsibilities, and we can help you meet them.

Don’t pressure her. You're a team. Becoming educated on the pregnancy options is the first step.

Don't be silent or uninvolved. It's your right and your responsibility to care for her, and to be a part of these important changes in your lives.

Don't let your fear of the unknown overwhelm you. ​Talk to us. We have male counselors who can listen and help. 

Your girlfriend's pregnancy test is positive. What are the options for an unplanned pregnancy?

What To Do:

Communicate. Listen when she talks to you about her pregnancy options, and let her know your thoughts and concerns. Our trained counselors can help you think through options together.

Take responsibility. Advise her to take a medical test to confirm her pregnancy. At AbbaCare, we offer free pregnancy test provided by our registered nurses.

Educate yourself. Learn more about the pregnancy options in order to make an informed decision. At AbbaCare, we will provide you with all the information at no cost. 

Protect Yourself and Her From Medical Complications. Before you make any pregnancy decisions, it is important to make sure the pregnancy is viable and that she has been tested for any possible STDs. Unknown STD's can increase the risk of medical complications during or after an abortion. AbbaCare provides free STI/STD testing and treatment - for BOTH of you.

what are your pregnancy options?