Here Comes the Sun…

Summer is just around the corner, and it is high time to consider what to do when the warmer days roll in. Calendar looking a little lack luster? Here are some ideas to jumpstart a summer of fun, self-improvement, and adventure! So, if you are into those things-keep scrolling!

Five Ways to Get Ready for the Summer

1. Increase your water intake. As the days get warmer, your need for hydration increases. If you struggle to drink water, try foods with high-water content. Add thirst-quenching summer snacks to your day, like watermelon, grapes, apples, or salads with fresh vegetables. Flavoring your water can also make it more drinkable. Try these infused water recipes.

2. Make an honest assessment of your summer wardrobe. Look through your shorts, summer dresses, bathing suits, and other warm-weather clothes. Does everything still fit? Has anything gone unworn for several years? Any clothes that are not really your style anymore? Give yourself permission to let them go. You can donate them to your local charity thrift shop. You can see if there is a women’s shelter or a clothing ministry at a local church that needs clothes. You also can join your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook and offer them up to your neighbors. Lastly, you can make a little cash by consigning your clothes with a company like ThredUp

3. Start an exercise routine. Don’t wait for arbitrary dates like January 1st to improve your health. Late-spring/early summer is actually the most logical time to start a fitness routine. Not only does warm, sunny weather tend to make people feel more energized – but also, there is no need for expensive gym memberships when you can simply get outside and go for a walk. The CDCactually reports that walking is a highly effective way to control your weight and lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, and some cancers. Adults need at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. So do something good for yourself by committing to a 30 min walk, five days a week. 

4. Learn to balance a healthy intake of sunshine. Most Americans do not get enough Vitamin D. This is significant, because low levels of Vitamin D are linked to chronic disease. There is also good evidence that Vitamin D plays an important role in our immune system. Though sun exposure is the easiest way to get Vitamin D, most of us lather ourselves in sunscreen during the summer. While sunscreen certainly is good for preventing sunburns, premature aging, and even cancer — brief periods of sun exposure can help increase your Vitamin D levels. Noon is actually the best time to get in the sun, as the sun is at its highest point and UVB rays are at their most intense. To take the guesswork out of how much sun to get, try an app like dminder to get personalized suggestions of when and how much sun to get.

5. Start planning a summer trip. Even if you are super busy or are on a tight budget, try to plan a little vacation for yourself. Never taking a break and forgoing vacation time has actually shown to damage your health and productivity. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. This could be a day at the beach with some friends or going for a hike somewhere you’ve never been. Start by researching online what’s near you. Type “Beaches near me” into your search engine to find the nearest lake or oceanside beach. If hiking and exploring is more up your alley, the National Park website will show you all the parks in your area and what activities each has to offer. Once you have a spot picked, propose your idea to your friends, family, or whomever you want to travel with, and start working out the details:

  • Choose your date of arrival and how long you’ll be there. Is this a day trip, a long weekend, or a full-week getaway?
  • How do you plan to get there? Drive yourself? Carpool? Take a train, bus, or plane?
  • What will you need to buy for the trip?  Outdoor gear, beachwear, sunscreen, snacks? 

Set objective goals for yourself this summer and be purposeful in the planning. However, you can always leave room for a little spontaneity! 

Here’s hoping this summer is a great one!

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