What is the Plan C Pill?

When women are considering abortion as one possible option for an unexpected or unexpectedly difficult pregnancy, there are so many terms floating around that it becomes difficult to know what those terms mean. One of those terms is the “Plan...
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Abortion Pill by Mail

We are living in a digital age where practically anything can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. Recently, in the US, abortion-on-demand has become available through a mail-order abortion process. The abortion pill by mail can be fast, convenient,...
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What is Surgical Abortion?

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, and the pregnancy was unplanned, she has the legal right to research all her options. If considering an abortion, she may quickly find a lot of terminology that is hard to understand, including...
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How to Confirm Pregnancy for Free

Eliana was starting to panic. She’d been “late” a few times before, but then her period would come – much to her great relief – right about the time she started to worry. But not this time. This time she...
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