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Homeless & Pregnant: Finding Emergency or Transitional Housing

Characters of a loving family and their house illustration Katie was a young woman who worked hard in school and work, attended church regularly, and had big plans for her life. She did not plan on becoming pregnant. The news...
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What’s the Deal with Abortion Pill Reversal?

“I took the abortion pill,” said a tearful voice over the phone. “And now I wish I hadn’t. What do I do?” Calls like this one are not uncommon, but often women having second thoughts about taking the abortion pill...
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Who Will Take Care of My Kids if I Die?

Guest Blogpost By: Anna Wishart, Marketing Coordinator, Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer, PLC Do you know who will take care of your kids if you die without a will?  State governments have foster care systems ready if you children...
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Juggling “All the Things” for Back-to-School

How is it that summer just seems to fly by, and then before we know it, the fall is upon us with all the back-to-school rush? When you have multiple kids at home and other commitments that pick up again...
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What is the Plan C Pill?

When women are considering abortion as one possible option for an unexpected or unexpectedly difficult pregnancy, there are so many terms floating around that it becomes difficult to know what those terms mean. One of those terms is the “Plan...
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Unplanned Pregnancy Takes a Village….and We’ve Got One.

Jasmine just found out she’s pregnant. Maybe somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this might happen. But not now. Not with…everything else going on…. She has a toddler at home already. He is her whole world. How...
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Abortion Pill by Mail

We are living in a digital age where practically anything can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. Recently, in the US, abortion-on-demand has become available through a mail-order abortion process. The abortion pill by mail can be fast, convenient,...
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Six Steps to SPRING into Shape

Spring is upon us! As warm weather has us shedding our layers, here are six steps to help you spring into shape this spring. Find your motivation. Any goal is easier to reach if you know why you are doing...
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What is Surgical Abortion?

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, and the pregnancy was unplanned, she has the legal right to research all her options. If considering an abortion, she may quickly find a lot of terminology that is hard to understand, including...
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Porn: The New Drug

Did you know that pornography is now being referred to as the “new drug?” Multiple studies have shown that dopamine, the same hormone released when using narcotic drugs, is also released while viewing porn.  Dopamine is such a powerful hormone,...
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