Get Answers to Questions about the Abortion Pill

We know you have so many abortion pill questions such as: 

  • What are the abortion pill side effects?
  • Does the abortion pill hurt?
  • Can I get abortion pills over the counter?
  • How does the abortion pill work?
  • How do I know afterwards if the abortion pill worked?
  • What is a Plan B pill? What is a morning after pill?

At AbbaCare, our registered nurses will be more than happy to answer your questions at no cost in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Checklist before you get an abortion

1. Verify You're Pregnant

Before taking the abortion pill, we can medically verify your pregnancy.

 Even if you have pregnancy symptoms, and maybe even have taken a home pregnancy test, we can medically verify and provide proof of pregnancy.  

2. Get an Ultrasound

An ultrasound can let you know how far along you are and if the abortion pill is an option for you.

 An ultrasound will not only confirm the status of your pregnancy, but also let you know how far along you are and therefore what abortion options are available. (Why do I need this?)  

3. Get Tested

Abortion complications are more likely if you are pregnant and have an STD. We offer free STD tests.

 Having an unknown sexually transmitted disease (STD/STI), can increase the likelihood of medical complications for you during or after your abortion procedure.  


At AbbaCare, we provide free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and free STD/STI testing and treatment. Confidentiality is part of our commitment to you. 

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